How Can The Law Keep Up with New Tech? (Podcast Part I)

Host Karim Nurani of Linqto welcomes guest Joshua Fairfield, J.D., an internationally recognized law and technology scholar, writer, and legal professor at the Washington and Lee University of Law, who specializes in applying the law and human rights to digital assets and technology.

In his most recent book, “Runaway Technology: Can Law Keep Up?”,  Prof. Fairfield calls the bluff of Silicon Valley’s oft-reputed claim that the law can never support the pace of rampant technological change. On the contrary, he says, the law can certainly keep up and stay the course, precisely because it is also a type of technology – a carefully-specified social system constructed by humans out of cooperative fictions like firms, nations, and money.    

Joshua is well-placed to straddle the gulf between these two disciplines, having been a software technology entrepreneur before taking up the law.

In this episode of the Global Investor Podcast, Professor Fairfield joins host Karim Nurani to describe how the law is able to address the ethical questions that arise with the founding of new technology and new use-cases.  He cites the language of the law, intellectual property, and the gaming industry to demonstrate just how the law can keep pace.  Listen to the full conversation to learn more.


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