Global Investor Conference

Full GIC Agenda – Speakers, Topics, Times at your Fingertips

Time flies! Our Global Investor Conference is around the corner – This Tuesday 21st

We are incredibly proud and honored to present a mega list of outstanding panellists who are zooming in from all corners of our world. We’ll begin in Europe, cross the pond to the US and finish in APAC; around the world in 10 hours and 15 panels. This is an educational ride to figure out the puzzle that is digital assets; we’ll find patterns, cut through noise, answer the unanswered, shine light on dark corners, discuss potential unchartered lucrative territory and we’ll dissect and piece together what is going on in these new asset classes and investment paradigms. From the next big thing in our digital world, the metaverse and the role NFTs play under its umbrella, to how NFTs transition beyond a collectable, to gaming as the digital asset pioneer, to self-sovereign identity’s role in all of this. We’ll chat crypto taxes, Ethics and AI and what concerns you need to be forecasting as an investor. We’ll dive into the inner workings of an investor’s mind and discover what is signal and what is noise.

There’s loads to unpack and we suggest you check out the full agenda of what’s going on, when and who’s speaking so you can dip in and out at your convenience.

Check out the Agenda here

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