Head of Global at Keiretsu Forum – Adam Henderson – To Lead “Global Perspectives on Public & Private Market Investments” Panel

In the morning hours of tomorrow’s Global Investor ConferenceAdam Henderson – the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Global at Keiretsu Forum and Chairman of the Board at Linqto – leads a panel discussion that will give us a global take on where to invest next. What industries are thriving abroad?

About The Panel:
This panel will discuss investing opportunities in the Middle East & Europe to understand more specifically what verticals investors are focusing on in these regions and why these verticals differ in various parts of the world. What should we as early-stage investors be paying attention to and why? Featuring panelists from North America, Southeast Europe, and United Arab Emirates.

About Adam Henderson:
Adam T. Henderson Henderson, a Founding Member and current COO/Head of Global at Keiretsu Forum, has a rich background in which he has been an executive, early investor, board member, founder, and advisor for industries ranging from commercial assets and fintech to greentech and wine. 

Adam spent his early days in the Silicon Valley circuit board industry, and later transitioned to real estate where he started Sleepy Hollow Investment Company – an investment firm with a portfolio of real estate and alternative assets. As President and CEO, Adam has helped the company over last 24+ years to realize outstanding returns while supporting and protecting the community.

Overall, Adam’s experience can perhaps best be described as the intersection between real estate and technology.


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