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NFTs, Construction & Celebrities – A Taster of Our GIC

On the 21st of September we will be hosting our Global Investor Conference – Expect a bumper day of panels as we virtually travel around the world connecting the brightest minds and the most influential professionals in the digital asset space. We’ll be sending you info on each of our panels but first here’s two we’re particularly excited about.

Investments in Construction Tech Startups: 1:10PM PT 21st September

Over the past five years, more than $7 billion in venture capital investments went towards construction technology startups (according to CB Insights). The influx of funding has created a wave of solutions aimed at improving productivity and efficiency in an industry traditionally resistant to change. Hear top investors and companies engaging with these startups as they share their experiences, opportunities and challenges. Learn about what to consider when entering this space and how new solutions like robotics and artificial intelligence are enabling things like smart cities and sustainability.

Monetizing the digital assets of brands and personalities via NFT’s: 9:50AM PT 21st September

This panel will explore how brands and personalities are monetizing their underutilized digital asset portfolio with NFT’s, and what comes next. We’ll examine successes and failures to date, and how one of the largest children’s media brands in the world is about to change the nature of global fan engagement. We’ll also look at how famous influencers are using NFT’s to interact and monetize their audience, along with how and who gets disintermediated in the process (Facebook, Google, the Paparazzi, Art Galleries, et al).

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