Partnering with Artists & Creators for Digital Asset Adoption

In conversation with Bremner Morris of at a recent Linqto Learn event, we discuss a new kind of creator economy that’s emerging, one that sees power returned back to creators and artists through digital asset adoption. But what does that mean and what will it look like?

The Creator Economy

For those that don’t know, Rally is a crypto platform that enables creators to start their own digital currency in order to build independent economies with their fans. Fans can buy the creator’s currency and use it to unlock exclusive or unreleased content. Rally is a decentralized platform, meaning that artists can jump right over those middlemen with their self-serving interests and engage directly with their fanbase. In short, Rally enables creators to monetize to the maximum, all whilst controlling that direct-to-fan relationship and all powered by digital assets on the blockchain, hence their tagline ‘Crypto for Creators’

Rally is completely governed by the creative community and because of its ‘decentralization’, social tokens can be used across all social platforms. That’s important, because some audiences live and breathe on certain platforms, but you don’t want to be restricted to just one, so it’s key to be ubiquitous across all and for that customer relationship to be seamless. But what does this landscape look like, when did it begin and how has it shifted, how does one even navigate it? These are all questions that are dissected here. 

Where NFTs Come In

What of NFTs (non fungible tokens)? In fact, what are NFTs? They’re pieces of digital art and media that live online. This enormously fast-growing market saw even traditional auction house Sotheby’s realize a historic $17m. That’s a huge milestone for the burgeoning digital art form and a sign that the NFT space has staying power. Need more proof? Christies auction house recently sold an NFT collage for $69m. But what does it mean when you incorporate NFTs with creator coins? What does this mean for future use cases? No doubt we’re going to see a range of application as yet unthought of. Here is a blank slate well beyond digital art – anytime you want to prove ownership, there’s a use case. 

This boom of the NFT craze has educated the artist on the overall concept of crypto. Now, we’re going to see a whole new era of engagement through tying together NFTs and creator coins that incentivizes fans; want exclusive access to a new sneaker line? Or shares in a YouTube video? As ever, there will be low hanging fruit, but there will be high ones too that will spark all sorts of creativity and innovation. For a creator there is potential to earn huge amounts of money. By adopting this new tech, they can connect with an already engaged fan-base but instead of it being one-way and solely transactional, the fans are as much part of the creation experience as the creator. Find out more here…

About Bremner Morris:

Bremner Morris is CMO/CRO at overseeing all go-to-market initiatives. He is responsible for driving the awareness and adoption of the Rally platform in the creator, fan and crypto communities.

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