Private Investing Survey: Partnering with Millenial and GenZ Students to Learn

Private Sector Meets Public
In early 2021, Linqto private investing commissioned an opinion survey project with a public university to better understand the scope and level of interest in private equity investing among various segments of an expanded customer base. Several demographics of interest included young professionals or GenZ-ers, as well as older individuals who may be involved with informal financial interest clubs, local business organizations, or other community associations.   

A Student-Led Survey
The survey was carried out by a team of students at San José State University, as part of the Honors Program offered by the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business. The project was undertaken ‘in the blind’, meaning that the team was unaware of the company sponsoring the survey, and they ran the project on behalf of a fictitious entity called NewCorp. 

Reaching Key Demographics
Over 350 completed surveys were received, with approximately two-thirds of the responses coming from young professionals and Gen-Z-ers. These two groups are of interest to Linqto,  because of the popularity of investment tools like Robinhood among these demographics. The opportunity to become an accredited investor by passing the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) exam may appeal to these individuals, even though most lack sufficient assets or income to otherwise qualify.

The survey was promoted on a variety of social media platforms including Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Nextdoor, as well as investment-focused forums like Stocktwits and the Reddit subgroup Wall Street Bets. The team also recruited respondents via email lists for a number of clubs, associations, churches, and veterans’ organizations, as well as participating in SurveySwap.

Key Findings

Female Demographic
Among the young professionals and Gen-Z-ers, female respondents expressed significantly more interest in participating in the private equity markets than the men in these groups. Although the women’s reported earnings were on average higher than those of the men, they were more likely to consider becoming accredited by taking the FINRA exam

Mature Demographic
Not surprisingly, respondents in the older age brackets reported being more informed about retirement investment opportunities. In addition, many indicated that they manage their investments in conjunction with professional financial advisors. However, very few of them claimed to have any knowledge about private equity markets. 

Women More Likely to…
Interestingly, in all age groups, more women than men stated that they work with financial advisors. This suggests that there’s a useful opportunity for reaching these potential investors, by raising awareness of Linqto’s services through the financial advisory community. 

Overall Survey Conclusions
Through this independent study, Linqto was able to find valuable information about two key demographics it wishes to reach.  By partnering with a public institution and sponsoring the research of young students, Linqto gained key insights that it can use to continue moving its business model forward.

Such insights are a key focus of Linqto’s desire to share knowledge within the broader investor community.  To continue learning, please join us at this month’s Global Investor Conference on June 22nd, 2021.

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