Press Release: Linqto Private Investing Hosts Global Investor Conference

We are swiftly approaching Linqto’s GIC, on the 22nd June – our quarterly General Investor Conference – a one day event for accredited investors to gather, network and discuss future tech and investments. The conference approaches swiftly after CNBC has released its ninth annual disrupter 50 list. The majority of the CNBC list are already billion-dollar businesses and we’re proud to say that at least five of these companies have been on the Linqto platform available to our investors. It’s important to highlight this as up until now access to such companies would not have been on offer unless you’re an institutional investor. Here we reflect on why we do what we do.

What we do:

At Linqto we make private investing simple. We provide liquidity for private securities markets, allowing founders, VCs, and accredited investors to access early returns in the world’s top unicorns. Traditionally, only 2% of the world’s accredited investors have legal access to the world’s private markets. We’ve addressed this issue by democratizing access to this market for the other 98%. Our proprietary tech-enabled platform, which can be accessed by app or desktop, not only removes the friction involved in the secondary market, but it allows transactions to be made in the currency of your choice, whilst simultaneously reducing costs and saving time making trading in the secondary markets finally simple and easy.

Why is it important?

We enable access to a previously very inaccessible market (the pre-IPO market), which up until very recently was a space reserved only for large qualified institutional buyers. Value creation in technology-enabled companies is increasingly occurring in the private market. Timing here is everything – it’s a ripe market ready for picking with the recent rush to go public; 2020 was a fantastic year for IPOs, it saw almost double the amount in comparison to 2019. Today the tech unicorns number is 504 with an aggregate value of $1.6tn and that value build has somehow got to be liquified because investors need to realise returns.

Linqto: Highly selected investments to give investors qualified deal flow

We’re out there all the time constantly sourcing companies to place on our platform as a pre IPO product. We focus on tech companies because they are the innovation drivers and that’s illustrated in the numbers; tech stocks represent the largest and most important sector in US public equity markets; 23% of the S&P 500, approximately $13tn in value. These stocks are also the best performing, achieving well above the general market index (47% compared to 20% for S&P 500).

Investment Thesis

The foundation of our investment thesis is that we want to be able to offer our customers the ability to invest relatively early in the companies that are going to shake up the world and do so over and over again. We like companies that are going to disrupt legacy industries, digitise business processes, or that are tapping into a revolution such as digital assets. We like companies that are young, growing, going to succeed and grow globally rapidly.

GIC and the future

Aside from providing fast pace liquidity, Linqto also enables a massive system of great young companies and investors to come together on a platform. We realised the untapped potential sitting here, which is why we created our Global Investor Conference (GIC), a one-day quarterly event. The GIC enables the brightest minds and the most influential professionals to come together and learn by taking part in conversations surrounding the global securities markets, emerging trends, disruptive tech or even tech you may not understand but want to. It’s a fantastic opportunity for investors to educate themselves in arenas of tech they may not be familiar with allowing them to be on top of their game when diversifying their portfolio. We spend a lot of time handpicking experts from multiple fields to provide not only an unmissable networking opportunity but also the opportunity to spark conversations that ignite interest in future changing companies.

What does the future hold?

We hope to continuously serve up technology companies that investors don’t yet know they want but absolutely will kick themselves for not having invested in later down the line. The aim is to constantly provide affordable access to those companies making Linqto an attractive and lucrative platform to easily access the secondary market and easily access networking opportunities that could define the future.

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