Renowned Day Trader – Cameron Newell – Joins Millennials’ Investing Panel at June Global Investor Conference

Linqto is excited to announce that one of the most notable day traders as of late –  Seattle-based Cameron Newell – will be speaking at the June Global Investor Conference to be held on June 22, 2021. 

GIC Speaker Spotlight – Cameron Newell

Cameron (“Cam”) Newell is an accomplished day trader based in Seattle, Washington. He is the founder and CEO of Noremac Newell Trading LLC. After leaving college in 2016, Cam started his day trading career, and successfully turned $1000 into $1M in just 10 months. He is an avid vlogger, streaming daily commentaries after the markets close on YouTube and Instagram Live, where he reflects on his trading day activities. He also hosts a comprehensive set of trading chat rooms on Discord, which include discussions on market terminology, swing trading, watchlists, trading goal challenges, and other individual chat forums. Cam studied at Green River College and Central Washington University, and has qualifications in art studies, supply chain management, and business administration. 

Noremac Newell Trading is a stock market educational service, which provides quality online training and tools for new and experienced traders. A range of market intelligence software products are available for purchase through the company’s website; these include AI-based analysis and simulation tools, as well as real-time data scanners that can be calibrated to identify specific trading criteria and metrics. Noremac Newell also offers a suite of educational stock trading videos that are aimed at beginning, intermediate and advanced day traders. 

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