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The Metathesis of Hard Things & Financial Inclusion – GIC Splashing’s

On the 21st of September we will be hosting our Global Investor Conference – Expect a bumper day of panels as we virtually travel around the world connecting the brightest minds and the most influential professionals in the digital asset space.

The Metathesis of Hard Things: 3:50 PM PT 21st September

The majority of venture investing activity in the last few decades has been in pure software and software-enabled businesses. While these investments have had incredible returns, there are several headwinds moving forward that should motivate VCs and angels alike to consider investments beyond the likes of mainstream SaaS. In this session, we’ll discuss investing in deep techfrontier techhard tech — generally “hard things” enabled by advances in physics and engineering. Hear from operators and VCs why they’re excited about the space, how these investments differ from mainstream software investments, and how to assess emerging opportunities.

Financial Inclusion Turning Dreams into a Reality: 2:30 PM PT 21st September

In the 21st century, roughly one-third of humanity is still unbanked, with half underbanked. This is only exacerbated by the onset of COVID-19. For a decade, blockchain technology has been prompting the promise of evolving the global financial infrastructure, how can we utilize DeFi to optimize for impact? What are the challenges? How can global organizations and NGOs help?

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